Scene Managers
Custom scene managers directly supported, use max as your level editor with your custom world geometry
In the image: terrain scene manager

Full material specifications
Control all the material features with native implemented max materials, shaders included!

Realtime effects
No more time spent in previewing the results in external tools, not even time spent in creating those tools!

Unleash the Power of the Beast

The oFusion Kit for 3D Studio Max is your backstage pass for the most efficient work flow in game development.
what? really?

See screenshots and videos of oFusion in action
New CE version 1.8.6, with new features, fixes and improvements
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New CE version 1.8, with Max9 support and new fixes
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oFusion is a true next-generation WYSWYG toolset for developing game content for the next generation of Ogre (*) powered games, created to surpass the ever increasing demands of artists, with more efficient tools and pipelines, to maximize the production time and to meet today's expected schedules.
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