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The content exported from max is saved in different files ready to be used by the Ogre Engine and the o_scene loader.

Unique or original geometric objects in Max are exported as '.mesh' files.
Scene used Materials are saved as '.material' files.
Scenes and its contents are saved as '.osm' files.
Scenes exported to the X Scene Manager are saved as self contained '.pk6' files.
Gpu Program definitions are saved as '.program' files.
Gpu Program code is saved as '.shader' files.
Skeletal hierarchy and its animations are saved as '.skeleton' files.

Mesh Files
Geometric objects are saved in the mesh ogre file format, compatible with any 1.0.x ogre engine version. Earlier engine versions are also supported but you are advised to upgrade to the latest releases as they include important improvements and fixes.

Material Files
Scene materials (object materials) are saved in the material ogre file format.

Scene Files (o_scene format)
The o_scene files is a complete and full featured file format that makes loading complex scenes in ogre application extremely easy.

The o_scene supports all the elements needed by today high-end interactive applications. For the feature list, see the Scene Compiler page, as it implements 100% of the scene compiler output.

Produced scene files can be loaded in applications using the ogre engine with a single function call of the Scene Loader library. It will automatically load, create and setup all scene contents, including animations. The loader will give the user the ability of setting up specific details of the scene objects while loading, so the scenes can be customized or extended by the users requirements inside max.

Gpu Definition Files
Gpu program definitions are saved to files with the 'program' extension.

Gpu Program Files
Gpu programs are saved in files with the 'shader' extension.

Skeletal Hierarchy and Animation Files
Meshes can be animated with bones, the hierarchical bone structure is the mesh skeleton. This animation files are saved in the skeleton ogre file format or in external separate animation files that can be loaded and shared between skeletons

Scene Features
Material System
Shader System
Scene Loader Lib