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New version CE 1.8.6 (Community Edition), with new features, fixes and improvements

Morph and vertex animation support has been enabled in this version

See the changelog notes for more details on this updated version

New version CE 1.8 (Community Edition), with Max9 support new productive features and new fixes

See the changelog notes for more details on this updated version

New version CE 1.6 (Community Edition), with terrain scene manager support and new fixes

New version, with new productive features, new advanced features and new fixes

New Features

Fully Dagon compatible version (Azathoth support not longer provided)

Pose/Morph animation support (100 morph channels supported)

Added support for exporting individual and grouped skeletal animations to external animation files that can be loaded and applied to a skeleton in your application

Added support for light attenuation

Added InPlace mode support for skinned/physique animated characters, to update or control the position of the character in your application by the user manually

Skeletal animation now uses the Initial/Figure Pose for creating the mesh and the skeleton

All bones assigned to the Skinned modifier are used to generate the skeleton, including zero vertex assigned bones and floating bones

Added "sub dir locations" support to export meshes, materials, textures and shaders with better organization of the files

Added copy of scene used textures and shaders to the export folder or the selected "sub dir location"

Added sub dir location data to the OSM scene

Added user defined filename support for the object's mesh file exported

Added clipboard functions support (copy, paste, undo, cut) to single/multi line edit and vector editor properties

Added inverse tab control selection for vector propertproperty editor

Chaged TM generation process

Animation Sample rate and Pose mode options updated to be per-object handled

Added Advanced Animation Optimizer using an interpolated optimization process produces small file sizes without affecting quality

Added Animation optimizer output log of the animation optimization results

Added Static Geometry support

Added Static Geometry UI controls

Added ambient and bkg colors to the exported scene

Added interface for requesting scene properties in scripts

Added texture unit frame animation support

Added Interface for the exporter methods and the exporter properties
The exporter can be called and configured in a batch/external process

Added Helper object support

Added scene global fog support

Added edit support for animation group names

Added spline/shape support

Added external custom scene file support, users can create and support their own format or post process the scene to create additional custom data needed

Added RenderTexture support

Added RenderTexture texmap object

Added RenderTexture Listener support to viewport

Added multiple render targets update support to the viewport

Added Advanced Blend support to Pass

Added Advanced Color Blend support to TextureUnit

Added Advanced Alpha Blend support to TextureUnit

Added animation list buttons (add, edit, remove) to the export dialog

Animation list entries are now handled in the new animation list methods (addAnimation, editAnimation, removeAnimation)

Added abs/global animation support for InPlace animations

User properties exporter handles internal properties

Added support for multiple root bones in skeletal animated objects
The first root bone will be considered the root bone of the skeleton
The log will display the multiple root bones in the hierarchy

Added Exclusive node list to RenderTexture texmap to render objects exclusively in the render texture

Added Hidden node list to RenderTexture texmap to aviod rendering objects in the render texture

Added Custom/User Scene Factory support from default export method or batch interface

Added color alpha (opacity) support to Pass material

Added material alpha animation support

Submeshes names are created based on thematerialName assigned, you can access subMeshes in your application with its material name

Added save and load support for viewport settings

Added configuration support for the debug helpers (i.e. show/hide debug light nodes, set display scale of dummy nodes, show/hide splines)

oSceneLoader: Added Auto viewport creation on the first camera loaded

oSceneLoader: AutoCreated RenderWindow is requested form the system if no RenderWindow was present in the Scene object constructor

oSceneLoader: Viewport background color is set to all viewports created before or during the scene loading

oSceneLoader: Reorganized setSceneProperties to apply scene settings to any auto created or user created scene manager

oSceneLoader: Added createSceneManager method to handle the scene manager creation and specific settings, world geometry and shadows


Only update materials if they have been not updated already

Fix for upgrading Multi/Sub-object materials that have its sub material ids in a non continuos order

Fixed setScale in the Animation creration method that was overwriting the position of the node

Fixed rotation issue on initial update of objects

Fixed per-object material issue when the global scene materials are empty

Fixes to AABB generation to support scaled weighted animated objects

Fixed Animation compiler removing the last keyframe of the track if keyframes before the last key has the same value

Fixed exception when using specific scene managers that requiere cameras created before the world geometry (i.e. Terrain Scene Manager)

Cameras are loaded before the world geometry if the scene manager needs them to to initialize

Warns if a camera is not present in the loaded scene and the scene manager needs it before the world geometry creation

Scene properties are correctly handled in the max scene loading and on viewport activation, including scene managers and world geometry

Material compiler handles shaders with empty parameters correctly

Object AABB scale generation improved

Fixed keyborad accelerators issues in properties editor

Fixed user interface update of pass material

Fixed root node support for Japanese versions

Fixed hotkeys support for Japanese versions

Fixed render texture issue of nodes in the nodeHandle list not being updated to the entity list when added to the scene

Added new enum values to Src and Dst blend values in Pass material to correct initialization issues in scenes saved with previous versions

Fixed material not updating its changes when upgraded via "update sel materials"

Fixed export dialog display on japanese version

Fixed issue when exporting objects that contain shader references in its material and the shader system is not active

Fixed scene materials exported when the "exportMaterial" option was not set

Fixed meshes being exported when the "exportMeshes" option is not set and "exportEntities" is active

Get it from the
downloads page

New tutorial added to the Artist Center, Using Render monkey shaders, specular bump mapping, calculating Binormal vector in shader and default shader parameters
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Updated scene loader lib and demo application, with new animation fixes. For Azathoth and Dagon

Get it from the downloads page, this scene loader lib updated version is requiered as it fixes some important issues

Updated version, with fixes and new features from the cumulative update 02032006

New Features

oMaterial evaluate improvements and new methods
Added evaluate method call support at maxscript interface
Improved batch upgrade method of scene materials to Ogre materials
Added support for ARGB mode for vertex colors
Added option to select the color mode in the export dialog
Added standard animation optimizer for object (keyframed) animations


The names of the entities in the exported file is not correct - fixed
The parent object name of entities is not correct - fixed
Some issues on Editable Poly with big number of polygons - fixed
Some issues on specific meshes of 32 bit index buffer - fixed
When first updating hierarchy objects, their position is not relative to its parent, after moving the object in the scene its position is corrected - fixed
Improved the updating process of entitie's skeleton

Get it from the downloads page, this updated version is requiered as it fixes some important issues

Updated version, with fixes and new features from the cumulative update 10022006

New Features

Render System is configurable
Updated Viewport Settings panel for the new option
Default parameters for shader programs
Animation system updates animation-set length automatically


Re-export of some specific scenes had an issue that prevented the process - fixed
Mouse wheel is not compilant to the max standard - fixed
Mouse wheel delta in orthographic views is different from the perspective views - fixed
Animations dont preserve its position when the animation range is bigger - fixed

Get it from the downloads page, this updated version is requiered as it fixes some important issues


A new example scene added to the artist center, ocean shader.
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New Video added to the media section: Video of Normal mapping tutorial.
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Part2 of tutorial 2 added, showing object animation support.
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New new example scene added to the artist center, corona light shader effect.
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