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The oFusion is a true next-generation WYSWYG toolset for developing game content for the next generation of Ogre (link) powered games, created to surpass the ever increasing demands of artists, with more efficient tools and pipelines, to maximize the production time and to meet today's expected schedules.
It includes the tools that you need to create and preview high quality content to be used with the Ogre Engine, letting you to freely use your current working environment, thus not forcing to use external applications that halt the work pipeline.
oFusion Viewport

The oFusion Viewport is a fully "What you See Is What You Get" environment, the user has precise control over the whole content creation process, completely removing the time spent in previewing the produced assets in external tools, and avoiding the disparity of results commonly present in conventional pipelines.

This high-end capability opens a whole new dimension for artists and content creators, improving the communication process with technical team members and producers. Potential issues can be identified earlier in the process, improvements can be made faster based on the visual feedback, and true consistency can be achieved.

The quality of the results can be greatly increased as the artist have all the ogre engine features at their disposal with instant feedback in real-time.

Objects, lights, cameras, skinned/weighted animations, object animations, materials, gpu shaders, all are supported in real-time by the ogre viewport. Mesh modifications are supported in real-time if the
Auto update Mesh setting is active.
Scene Features
Material System
Shader System
Scene Loader Lib




The material system supports creating and editing materials to be used in the ogre engine from a range of max materials or from the new included, full featured material type, the Ogre Material.

Max Materials

Currently supported are:

Standard material
Blend material
Multi/Sub-Object material
Shell Material
Bitmap Texturemap

See the Material System page for details

The Ogre Material

The new Ogre Material type is a very advanced, natively implemented max material.

It gives the user total control over the material settings and attributes, implementing 100% of the ogre engine material specifications.

Material, Technique, Pass, Texture Unit and Shader programs have full support with real time preview in the oFusion viewport.

See the
Material System page for details
The shader system provides support for creating, editing and modifying gpu shader programs, and setting shader parameters with real-time preview in the oFusion viewport.

See the
Shader System page for details
The content exporter is a core part of oFusion, it is the manager that handles all specialized modules, the dedicated compilers and the specialized file serializers.

The content exported from max is saved in different files ready to be used by the Ogre Engine and the oFusion scene loader library.

Unique or original geometric objects
Scene used Materials
Scenes and its contents
Scenes exported to the X Scene Manager
Gpu Program definitions
Gpu Program code
Skeletal hierarchy and its animations

See the
Content Exporter page for details
The oScene loader is a library ready to use in your applications to load and setup exported osm scenes files.

Its a full featured solution that releases the user from the tedious task of manually loading and configuring scenes and the media that composes them.

Scene files are loaded in your application with a few methods, and the oScene loader engine will take care of the rest, creating and configuring the scene exactly as exported and previewed in the oFusion viewport.

The library is provided in source code form to easily integrate in your project or customize to your needs.

See the
Scene loader lib page for details