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In this tutorial we will cover:

object animation

With the part 1 of the this tutorial loaded and ready in max, we are going to create a camera animation that follows a path

If not loaded, open the file "gt4_part1.max" from the GT4_Part1 folder

1. Create a "Target Camera" looking at the center of the car object

You can use the "Align" tool to center the camera's target to the "gt4 ref body" object

2. With the new camera selected, click on "Update Sel" button of the tools (or via menu/update sel) to update the camera in the ogre viewport

3. Select the ogre viewport and press the "c" key (or the camera hotkey if is assigned to a different key), the viewport changes to the camera

5. Add camera animation

Select the camera, in the "Motion" tab open the Assign Controller rollup, and click the "Position" controller

Click on "Assign Controller" button and select "Path Constraint"
and click "Ok"

On the "Path Parameters" rollup, click on the "Add Path" button and select the created circle shape

6. Set the path position and rotation

Set the circle shape position x: -1.008 y: -2.647 z: 22.634

Rotate the circle shape 17 units in x axis
7. Select the camera and click on "Update Sel" (or via menu/update sel) button of the tools to update the camera's animation in the ogre viewport

4. Create a circle shape around the car
8. Click "Play Animation" button
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