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In this tutorial we will cover:

light maps
light animation
some geometry cleaning and optimization

1. Open the "adobe_jail.max" file from the LightMapping folder

2. Optimize the geometry

Select the "adobe_jail" mesh (the house, 6050 vertices) and put in Sub-object/Vertex mode

Select all vertices, in the Edit Geometry rollup click on Weld/Selected with the default value of 0.1

Click on "Remove Isolated Vertices" button

After this the mesh will have 4360 vertices

3. Set polygons Smoothing Group

Set to Sub-object/Element mode and select all

In the Surface Properties rollup, click on the first button of the Smoothing Groups to assign all polygons to the first group so the normals are interpolated between all polygons

Positonate it as the ground of the scene, and assign a default Standard material with Ambient and Diffuse colors set to r: 237 g: 208 b: 143

5. Add some lighting

Create an Omni light and positonate it to x: -204.916 y: 0.0 z: 140.828

Activate Shadows for this light

Create a new light of type Skylight (any place is ok)
6. Prepare the renderer settings for the light mapping creation

Open the Advanced Lighting tab of the Render settings dialog, and select "Light Tracer" as the light method, enable the "Active" control if not already

Use the default settings for this tutorial

Make sure "Use Advanced Lighting" is enabled in the Common Parameters of the renderer

Close the Render dialog

7. Render the LightMaps

Select the "adobe_jail" and the created ground plane objects and Open the Render To Texture dialog

Make sure the "Use AutoMatic Unwrap" and Channel 3 are selected (the channel 3 is very important)

In the Output rollup, add "LightingMap" texture element
You have to make sure the "Target Map Slot" is always set to "Self-Illumination" (this setting is is very important too)
As in this tutorial we will not use the scene objects in max renderings, thus not need to creating Shell materials, in the "Baked Material Settings" section we will select "Output Into Source"
All the rest settings will use the default values

Click on Render to start generating lightmaps

The lightmap textures will be similar to this:

8. Activate the Ogre Viewport

With the Omni light selected, fine tune the light Multiplier value, in the image its set to 0.49

9. Add animation to the light

Create a circle shape to simulate the sun positions over the full day

Select the Omni Light, in "Motion" tab open the Assign Controller rollup, and click the "Position" controller

Assign a "Path Constraint" controller, and add the circle shape as the animation path

See Tutorial 2 - Part 2 for detailed instructions about this procedure on a similar object animation

With the Omni Light selected, click on "Update Sel" button to update its animation on the Ogre Viewport

10. Click "Play Animation" button

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